That´s the shape I´m in

One month of darkness is enough. I´m here to sparkle. No, well, not to sparkle as those silly modern vampires. I´m here to burn, to breathe, to cry, to smile, to smile even when I don´t have the mood for it. To SEE. To see all people I love and hate in the same moment. There is enough free space in me. I´m not only blood, muscles, tissues, organs and that kind of stuff. I´m something more. I, silly poor existence. A girl? Well, that´s shape I´m in. Our blood is the same – red coloured- but we´ve got different blood types. Everyone has also different genetic information, so why someone dare to say I´m same as someone else? Just be with you, even when you´re breaking my heart with that words, is a great moment. It means a lot for me but no matter what, it´s not true! 

There will be blood. As you wish. J´aime les films. I haven´t seen lot of them but I´ve enjoyied them. There will be blood. What? I can´t understand now, quite confusing you´ve repeated it. Just forgive me… I´m apologizing so many times that it´s not healthy but I´m saying it only to hear “why are you saying it?” or ” you don´t need to say sorry at all” to be sure I hadn´t done anything bad. So in most cases my “sorry” is unnecessary and if it´s vice versa, I usually don´t say nothing. Surprised? I´m not kidding. If I owe “sorry” to someone, I can´t say it.

I´m absolutely weird. You´re thinking it right now, don´t you? But one thing is still clear to me – and it sholud be clear also to you (that´s why I´m writing this in the late night fighting with fear) – I love you. Understand? Better said – do you believe? ´Cause I do.


~ by eskarine on 30/12/2010.

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